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We design, build, and operate scaled agricultural production operations on the African continent and elsewhere. We aim to take the systems level approach to developing a food production chain that can sustain itself after we are on to other projects. This takes local input and ownership in the model from day one, along with local and regional talent development to create a strong, equipped workforce. The end goal to help underutilized and underserved areas become more food secure, as well as meet rising domestic and regional demand for agricultural products. As we do this we will create integrated cropping and livestock production units that act as a hub for regional agricultural development, as well as creating incentives and partnerships at every level of the chain. 
Strategies to Succeed 
Improved Water Usage

We will tap into a renewable aquifers and use modern irrigation technology to improve water delivery to the crops at critical growing stages. We will use sensors to determine exactly when to apply water and in what amount. Our aim is to be the most efficient, yet productive users of this technology. The benefits of irrigation bring more year-to-year food securtity to most underutilized areas, while helping to provide jobs for technicians, suppliers, and dealers. 

Modern Production Practices

With the rising population and rising incomes in the developing world, the rise in food demand is causing strain on many subsistance farms. Our solution is to create a scaled production operation that can be used to teach, equip, and empower other local producers to scale their own farms. We can also provide another marketing avenue to producers on the animal producton side of our plan. Here we hope to be fully supplied by local producers and will pay premiums for quality and quantity. These incentives to grow their own production capabilites; along with the modern practices of cover croping, rotation, use of fertilizers and pesticides, and better water management will benefit the local agricultural climate. 

Supply Chain Development

There remains a lack of secure and reliable cold chains in most of the developing world. We will build logistical tools to aid in development of necessary supply chains for the agricultural products industry. This ensures future success not only for our operations and the goods they produce, but for the entire region we hope to serve. Partnerships can form and be formed around newly developed infrastructure. Thus allowing more companies to come in and more entreprenuership to occur at the local level.  

Improved Genetics

Lack of production oriented genetics is another issue that plagues the developing world, particularly Africa. A side focus of ours has always been to improve both crop and cattle genetics and to provide those improvements to cooperating local producers. The benefits of cooperatives can be seen throughout the world. A system that shares genetic advances between large and small producers will be our goal. This can help create diversity, avoid inbreeding, and push a region's genetics toward the greater goals of productivity, survivability, and lowered inputs. 

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