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What We Do

Full Circle Global Ag is a full service agricultural system development firm. We work to create food production systems that empower local producers and establish a strong supply chain for domestic consumers. Our approach is to bridge the gap between modern agricultural production chains, local producers, and the consumers we seek to serve.

How We Do It

We propose to establish a vertically integrated beef production system; cow/calf, feedlot, crop production, processing, marketing and distribution, leading to a self sustaining operation. The project can be sold turn-key, expanded, or duplicated. We will be able to incorporate any number of the above modules, dependent on which supporting entities are present in the project country.

Why We Do What We Do

The world is seeing food demand rise every day, while not increasing production in the areas that actually need a secure food supply chain. We are passionate about food production and believe that the underutilized areas will play the largest role in helping keep our planet food secure in years to come. This passion, and the greater passion of serving and equiping others guide us in our work.

About us
Latest News 

7 Hills Ranch and Feedlot

June 24, 2018

Mike and Merlin return to find the working commercial feedlot that we designed a year ago. We are currently helping the owner establish both the short and long-term production plan. Financing is secured.

Commercial Beef Production 

June 2017


Mike and Merlin visit Ugandan farms and ranches with an eye toward taking them toward more commercial type agriculture at their request. We were consulting for Heartland Global at the time.

We are a group driven to development at various points in our life and for a variety of reasons. What brings us together is the desire to empower and enable others to provide for themselves the way that we have learned to in the Western Hemisphere. That is why our greatest hope is to bring relevant, profitable solutions to those who need it most. 

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